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12 months, VA will review his or her IU rating. The TDIU rating allows VA to assign a 100% benefit even when the veterans schedular % of disability doesn't add up to 100. com/free-case-evaluati If you missed five years of compensation, you would be owed $174,408. S. Will the VA consider all my conditions for IU benefits? The VA is going to consider all service-connected mental and physical disabilities. administration) as identified in the VA system of records, 58VA21/22/28, Compensation, Pension, Education, and Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Records - VA, published in the Federal Register. Mine weren't requested which sent me into a rage as they wanted me to be entirely re-evaluated. As a VA claims processor, Veterans often ask me about Individual Unemployability (IU), also called Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU). A veteran can file VA Form 21-8940, Application  Mar 21, 2018 Yes, VA does reserve the right to terminate individual unemployability benefits in some situations. What if the VA says I’m not eligible under the VA Unemployability requirements? IU is for people who have lost their job or can not hold a job due to their service connected disability and is almost as hard to get as 100%. Register today to discover a new approach to health care. This is If you are a low-income, wartime period Veteran who meets certain age or disability requirements - or if you are a surviving family member of a Veteran who meets the criteria – you may be eligible to receive tax-free, supplemental income. gov. The word permanent doesn't mean permanent. To receive the supplement, termed an Individual Unemployability (IU) payment, disabled veterans must apply for the benefit and meet two criteria. August 5th, 2019. with caption, IU 12. 80 in VA Individual Unemployability back pay. If you want to know if you lose your military and Veterans Affairs disability benefits when you file for Taking away or reducing a benefit that a veteran is entitled to is never an acceptable option. 5 billion budget calls for $2. In any event, the SSDI process will likely conclude prior to the VA. If you are interested in obtaining VA medical care, you may contact your nearest VA health care facility or the VA Health Revenue Center at 1-877-222-8387. VA Education and Training. Aug 14, 2015 VA wanted to terminate his TDIU benefits because they claimed he was able to work. Classes end (full-term Summer and Summer II). If earnings are not found to be substantially gainful for 12 months, entitlement VA 100 percent disability ratings can be confusing. I had applied for IU when the issue was inferred by the VA early this summer. Can the VA take away IU if you walk into a VAMC and start bragging about how you are an excellent kick boxer and recently started remodeling some houses…there is a good chance it will go What Is IU Individual Unemployability or IU is the basis on which the Department of Veterans Affairs pays service-connected disability compensation at the rate payable for a 100-percent evaluation to qualified veterans with combined evaluations that are less than 100 percent. I have been working with VA Disability for close to three years, and I still get questions that surprise me. va. C. Certain VA disability benefits are considered Protected Ratings, according to the VA (though others say the term “protected” is a misnomer). I had 2 claims going. gibill. Compensation is a monthly cash benefit based on a If you go to jail, the VA can temporarily reduce your benefits. Individual Unemployability requirements also make the VA look at your secondary service-connected disabilities. The VA can take away your TDIU benefits if  The proposal in this budget would be to retract IU benefits when Veterans reach the minimum age for VA Individual Unemployabality (IU) Under Attack Again for FY19 Stop denying earned survivor benefits to military surviving spouses. 1 billion in IU benefits. Before VA will consider a claim for IU •the Veteran must complete a VA Form 21-8940, and •the Veteran with multiple service-connected disabilities must specify one or more service-connected disabilities that he or she believes cause the unemployability. VeteranAid. for the collection of VA Form 21-4140, Employment Questionnaire. The “IU modernization” plan would save $3. The Joy Of VA Math To get 100 percent under regular scheduler, it basically means you need a combined rating, using VA math, that adds up to 100 percent or one solitary rating at 100 percent. Once a veteran receives service connection for a condition, the VA has to assign a rating and an effective date. Requirements of SSDI. Remember that leaving the military is a beginning, not an end. This was prohibited until the CRDP program began on January 1, 2004. In 2005, about 220,000 veterans received an estimated $3. www. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. The Human Resources Department at VA Northern Indiana Health Care System has offices at the Fort Wayne Campus and Marion Campus to assist you. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently transferred the health records of 23. I appreciate anyones help explaining how TDIU can end in other situations as well as the one I described. until their degree is awarded) AS LONG AS IU CONTINUES TO RENEW ITS AGREEMENT WITH THE VA EACH YEAR, and student has benefits available. The budget request will ensure the nation’s Veterans receive high-quality health care and timely access to benefits and services. Menu▽. The 30% rating can potentially be reduced if the VA finds evidence that the condition improved, but they cannot reduce the veteran’s rating below 20% because the 20% rating is protected. VA provides Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families with $1. He wanted our veterans benefits law firm to appeal the VA terminating his TDIU veterans benefits. Individual Unemployability. If you are a veteran and need help with Total Disability Individual Unemployability Benefits VA claims, contact the TDIU VA attorneys at Berry Law Firm. IU has the right to reduce awards or discontinue the program at the end of For more information, or a personal consultation, please contact Jack Howell, IU Southeast’s VA Certifying Official at (812) 941-2535 or by email at howellj@ius. May 24, 2017 The move would stop paying unemployment-style stipends to Under current rules, the IU program awards payouts at the 100 percent  May 26, 2017 The administration wants Congress to end IU eligibility next year for any Their VA compensation would be rolled back to amounts payable  Quick Answer: A veteran generally can still work while receiving VA disability but not The “Individual Unemployability” rating measures whether or not the VA  Given the structure of the current Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) disability Individual unemployability (IU) is an extremely helpful benefit that compensates a Veteran . 3 trillion in insurance coverage each year. You can also call BACKGROUND VA has a longstanding and well-established policy of granting total disability ratings to Veterans who, due to service-connected disability(ies), are unable to secure and maintain substantially gainful employment even if a Veteran’s combined disability evaluation does not result in a total schedular evaluation. Although VA benefits and SSDI are both government programs, their requirements and benefits vary slightly. Veterans can qualify for both VA benefits and Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). The IU disability payments may be impacted by the new hire’s salary. They only had my T&P IU award letter. VA can help you cover the cost of furthering your education and skills through benefits for tuition, housing, training, and other expenses related to your education. This ensures a claims decision within 30 days. The TDIU rating is simply a recognition by VA that the Schedule For Rating Disabilities (the Schedule) often falls short. Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance IU đã tổ chức một live show tại Bunkamura Orchard Hall ở Tokyo ngày 24 tháng 1 năm 2012. gov R41289 The Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board) is a part of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), located in Washington, D. The Veteran should check with VBA to determine the impact on his/her benefits. Any rating can be modified by VA at any time, depending on the circumstances. See Nolo's article on VA benefit reductions if you go to jail. Once selected for the Yellow Ribbon Program at IU, students will be funded each year they are in their current program of study (i. Applicants can visit both offices Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a. Mix - BTS's Jungkook and IU Cute moments (FANBOY DETECTED) Part 2 YouTube; BTS | This Is Why ARMYS Are Crazy Over BTS [FUNNY] - Duration: 14:44. CRDP is a "phase in" of benefits that gradually restores a retiree's VA disability offset. Mike Sanders, the TDIU rated veteran in question The following October, Shulkin wrote to veterans service organizations to confirm that the VA no longer supported ending IU for disabled veterans who are eligible to receive Social Security. Apply Now! VA Benefits · Need to talk? Counseling Available. Letter to the Joint Veterans’ Affairs Committee on IU Benefits posted on June 15, 2017. If you receive a letter from the VA asking you to attend a VA examination for the purpose of evaluating your disability rating, this likely means the VA has decided the medical evidence on file does not support a continuation of your benefits at their current rate. We collaborate with our IU Health Comprehensive Liver Oncology Program colleagues to assess liver cancer and patients with neuroendocrine cancer for eligibility for transplant. The VA will not take away IU just because you could retire. hillandponton. . A VA TDIU claim is a request that the VA assign you a total rating of 100% – even if your schedule ratings are less than 100% – because your service connected condition(s) precent you from getting work. This is because: Total Disability - Individual Unemployabilty (TDIU or simply IU) is widely misunderstood. 6, 2012. Finally, there really isn't a protected rating. This is what led me to request my records and hand carry to SSA. I was ready to blame the VA, but not their fault this time. In his FY 2018 Budget, President Trump is proposing $186. HOW CAN YOU RECEIVE DENTAL TREATMENT? VA considers cut to unemployability benefit Secretary: Unemployment for 80-year-old vets makes no sense Shulkin said the VA is considering ending IU benefits to vets who become old enough for One veteran with a Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) rating had his disability cut by $1,900 over 18 cents in income from 2017. VA Secretary David Shulkin told the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee on Wednesday (June 14, 2017) that he’s willing to work with lawmakers to find an alternative to the administration’s proposed cuts to Individual Unemployability, or IU benefits for hundreds of thousands of elderly veterans. In most cases, you do not need to apply for Concurrent Receipt. The Board’s mission is to conduct hearings and decide appeals properly before the Board in a timely manner. VA’s education and training benefits are provided through these GI Bill® programs: Post-9/11 GI Bill YEAR,andstudenthasbenefitsavailable . Same. The IU benefit pays the veteran at the 100 percent rate even though their overall combined disability is less than 100 percent. Earn your bachelor or master's degree at Indiana University East. Individual Unemployability is a part of VA's disability compensation program that allows VA to pay certain Veterans disability compensation at the 100% rate, even though VA has not rated their service-connected disabilities at the total level. So, does IU go away at whatever retirement age is your retirement age? The answer is actually no. 5/2012, IU phát hành mini-album "Spring Of A Twenty-year Old" với ca khúc chủ đề là Every End Of The Day VA Unemployability - Preparing for Notification the 19th. VA unemployability is the VA’s way of admitting that some veterans are still unable to work due to their disabilities, despite their assigned combined ratings not reaching 100% disability. The VA will not usually be able to reduce your disability rating without a reexamination, so your rating should be safe if you meet any of the above criteria. That’s what The American Legion’s Legislative Director Ian de Planque told members of Congress July 15 as they considered the Department of Veterans Affairs Total Disability benefit for Individual Unemployability. The retroactive benefits, to be awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, are a result of a comprehensive legislative package (Public Law 112-154) enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Obama on Aug. The following is a more formal version of what I tell them. I need advice The VA sent my IU letter to the wrong address and since I did not fill out the form they now have my pay at 80% I went to the regional office and signed the IU form plus a form VA May Not Consider Age in Individual Unemployability Claims “TDIU” is an acronym for Total Disability Benefits due to Individual Unemployability Veterans often ask if they can file a claim for Individual Unemployability after their normal retirement age. You can also call the VA Call Center, at 1-888 -442-4551. Recently, a veteran sent me his Board of Veterans Appeals decision. Who Is Eligible for Individual Unemployability? • You must be a Veteran. The 20 Year Rule – Retroactive Awards . Individual Unemployability (IU) is a unique part of VA's disability compensation It allows VA to pay certain Veterans compensation at the 100 percent rate,. Hearing problems—including tinnitus, which is a ringing, buzzing, or other type of noise that originates in the head—are by far the most prevalent service-connected disability among American Veterans. edu. If you'd like additional information or are interested in signing up for any of the services listed below, contact VA's Caregiver Support Line or your local Caregiver Support Coordinator for assistance (see above). Protected VA Disability Ratings. Individual Unemployability (IU) is a part of VA's disability compensation program that allows the VA to pay certain veterans disability compensation at the 100% rate, even though VA has not rated News Releases VA achieves critical milestone in its Electronic Health Record Modernization Program - The U. However, if the VA Form 21-8940 is returned after the rating decision is issued, but within one year of the date sent, the claim should be re-rated. 5 billion for VA. This policy, on reportable events, applies to the conduct of human subjects research under the oversight of the IU IRBs, and clinicians under the oversight of the IU IRBs wishing to use a Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) for treatment or diagnosis, and the IU IRBs approving the use of the HUD Top Visited Health Websites. Giving us your SSN account information is mandatory. Other veterans may be eligible for Aid and Attendance benefits. Veterans can schedule appointments online, refill prescriptions, view their health records, and send Secure Messages to their team using My HealtheVet. IU Southeast is proud to welcome veterans of our nation's armed forces. The Schedule is where we get the term "schedular" as it applies to a rating. a current VA Form 21-8940 is not on file, provide it to the Veteran for completion. Caregiver Services Below are descriptions of various services available to Family Caregivers of Veterans. Gov reads that my appeal for IU was granted. Just today I was talking with the spouse of a Veteran, and  Jun 15, 2017 Military Update: VA Secretary David Shulkin made two surprise announcements VA Chief Withdraws Staab Appeal; Vows to Replace 'IU' Pay Cut Too . A claim for entitlement to IU is not always a separate, free-standing claim. Applying for Concurrent Receipt. Packer tailgate party brings popular exhibit to an end. To gauge the effectiveness of changes and inform its advocacy, the VFW would like feedback on your You are rated by the VA as unemployable, generally referred to as Individual Unemployability (IU) You are in receipt of VA disability compensation as a result of IU; This is effective October 1, 2008, and is retroactive to January 1, 2005. I expected a clearcut answer when I began looking but it seems the Individual part of IU means that it just depends on the individual case alot of times. IU East offers a comprehensive, accredited higher education learning experience. Dec 13, 2018 Background In 2017, 4. IU pays out disability benefits at the total,  Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits VA Oversight Lax for 'Unemployable' VA officials blamed a 1999 decision to stop requiring IU veterans to complete a . VA disability attorneys cannot charge veterans more SSA and VA Disability Benefits: Tips for Veterans By SAMHSA SOAR TA Center Connecting Veterans with Social Security Administration (SSA) disability benefits is a critical step to increasing income stability for Veterans and their families, as well as providing health insurance for those who may not qualify for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA The VFW recently testified before the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs in strong opposition to a provision of the president's budget proposal, which would cut up to $22,000 from the annual compensation of severely disabled veterans who receive Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits from the VA. eligible for medical care through the VA health care system. Emergency treatment in non-VA facilities (if VA facilities are unavailable) Financial. I have been rated at 90% since May 2013. to view our announcements, complete any necessary materials, and submit your application package. Your obligation to respond is required to obtain or retain benefits. I also just had the appeals hearing for SSDI, in part because the VA did not end in all the treatment records, which I have personally delivered to the SSA since In 2017, VA incurred $6 billion in net costs for those patients, or about 9 percent of the department’s net spending for veterans’ medical care. Several key veterans issues will be the focus of congressional hearings this week, with lawmakers set to address the firing of bad employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the agency’s The $186. When Can the VA Terminate My Disability Compensation? Benefits for disabilities with a service connection can be reduced (as described above), but rarely stopped altogether. 2 billion annually, which VA would use to expand the Choice program, making private sector healthcare more available when veterans can’t get timely Do I Lose My Military & VA Disability Benefits When I File for SSA Retirement Benefits?. and 4:00 p. In this short guide, we will discuss the following questions about IU so you know what the VA is looking for when it decides these claims: Am I eligible 21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans' Disability Benefits recommends improvements in the medical evaluation and rating of veterans for the benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to compensate for illnesses or injuries incurred in or aggravated by military service. From the federal government's perspective, the state veterans affairs agencies are "veterans service organizations" since they too must receive approval to represent veterans. The CBO report indicated that eliminating veterans from IU once they reach age 67 The CBO also suggested ending VA payments to veterans with disability  Aug 12, 2018 Individual Unemployability (IU) is a benefit service-disabled veterans IU pays the veteran at the 100 percent rate even if the VA has rated them less than 100 percent. Concentration iu unit conversion between IU/liter and mIU/milliliter, mIU/milliliter to IU/liter conversion in batch, IU/L mIU/mL conversion chart. With this benefit, you may be able to get disability compensation or benefits at the same level as a Veteran who has a 100% disability rating. 1, to fund the Veterans Choice Program, which was created as a temporary measure and allows Number of veterans awarded VA disability compensation on the basis of disability ratings of 100% or IU during fiscal years 2000–2006, with numbers and percentages of those entitled to DI benefits before the VA award and applying for DI benefits after the VA award, by fiscal-year VA award cohort (underlying data for Charts 4 and 5) Over the last decade, the number of IU beneficiaries and benefit costs have more than tripled. The letters include some confusing language that the VA is working to clear up. Florida in 2009 and expanded to 32 colleges and universities by the end of 2012. Welcome Veterans. Today I have a question After 5 years and 11 months, VA. one for IU, and another Disability Benefits Available Under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Veterans Disability Compensation (VDC) Programs Umar Moulta-Ali Analyst in Disability Policy September 12, 2012 Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www. June Auxiliary Vouchers due (FY2019 year end) 8/5/2019 FY2019 Q4 Variance Analysis (VA) and Balance Sheet Backup (BSB) due for Reporting and Non-Reporting Auxiliaries Search, Click, Done! Bringing an app store experience to IU services Also, if under Section 1151, the VA determines that a death was caused by VA negligence, the VA will pay to the Veterans surviving spouse, children, or other family members, or estate, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits as if the death were service connected (Pursuant to 38 U. At a House hearing last month, VA Secretary Dr. The VA recently began sending out letters to veterans in receipt of a total disability rating (100 percent) based on individual unemployability (IU) that detail the department's new process for verification of employment status. org is a free resource for veterans, their surviving spouses and their families who are looking for clear, concise information about the VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) pension benefit and how to apply for it. Highlights of our liver transplant program include: Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) allows military retirees to receive both military retired pay and Veterans Affairs (VA) compensation. #IU#has#the#right#to#reduce#awards#or#discontinue#the#program#at#the#end#of# IU YR Fact Sheet AY17. Individual Unemployability allows VA to pay certain Veterans at the 100-percent Find out how to file for VA Individual Unemployability compensation if you're an unemployed Veteran who can't work due to a service-connected disability. 5 million veterans with medical conditions or injuries that were incurred or that worsened during active-duty service  Mar 4, 2019 Individual Unemployability (IU) is one of the top VA benefits for more than the poverty level, you may end up paying back VA lots of money. In 2005 (the most recent year for which VA reports such statistics), more than 80,000 veterans who received the IU supplement, or about one-third of the total number in that year, were over the age of 65. David Shulkin, at a Senate hearing in February, 2017. Feb 28, 2019 The VA recently began sending out letters to veterans in receipt of a total disability rating (100 percent) based on individual unemployability (IU)  Dec 17, 2018 The CBO's inclusion of the cut to Individual Unemployability in its report The CBO also suggested ending VA payments to veterans with  Find out how to file for VA Individual Unemployability compensation if you're an unemployed Veteran who can't work due to a service-connected disability. The budget also supports the continued transformation of VA to rebuild the full trust of Proposed VA Benefit Cut Angers Elderly, Disabled Vets vets currently receiving IU. In the end , you have to be honest, and show integrity to whether you are  When VA pension and/or SSI is involved, they may limit your ability to receive If you wait too long after you stop working before you apply for benefits, you may  Individual Unemployability (IU) is a type of disability compensation offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In addition, VA may increase certain veterans' disability compensation to the 100 percent level, even though VA has not rated their service-connected disabilities at that level. , section 1310). Yes, Veterans with a 100% service connected disability are still eligible for VA positions and can be hired via Schedule A or the various appointing authorities for Veterans. Individual Unemployability (IU) is a unique part of VA’s disability compensation program. Nothing contained on this site and its related links may be construed as personal tax or financial advice from our office on a given matter. m. Take the Veterans Health Care Survey: Major provisions of the VFW-supported VA MISSION Act of 2018 were recently implemented, including the new Veterans Community Care Program and other improvements to the way VA delivers care to veterans. Hearing loss affects more than 28 million Americans, including more than half of those over age 75. Speakers Carol Ponton - Founding Partner Matthew Hill - Managing Partner For a FREE Case Evaluation go here: https://www. While Veterans Choice is a great program used by many us Veterans it should not be expanded at the expense of those severely Disabled Veterans receiving IU when at retirement age. Veteran standing at attention. 9 billion in new spending in fiscal 2018, which begins Oct. Continue below to learn how you may qualify for SSDI while receiving VA benefits. In response to a congressional request, GAO assessed VA's management of IU benefits. No. The TDIU training letter lists 3 situations where a claim can be made for TDIU, only one of which includes the filing of the VA Form 21-8940. VA accredited attorneys help you get the most out of your benefits when it comes to losing eligibility for Total Disability Based on Individual Unemployability . I’m applying for 70% TDIU. The VA kept insisting that I was still employable. It was ten years and two remands from the BVA before I was finally awarded IU after I lost my job due to my disability. When I read VA’s decision in his case, I immediately realized that his case was an object lesson in what not to do when trying to get VA benefits. doc IU Health offers end-stage liver disease management and transplant services for adults and children. e. My question is about T and P though. Introduction. Check with VA to see if they received a request for records from SSA. If the investigation shows that their earnings exceed the established earnings amount for SGE for 12 months, VA reevaluates the IU rating, which could result in the loss of total-disability status. 1) The IU claim is submitted on VA Form 21-8940; Consequently, a veteran may begin to receive IU payments, or continue to receive them, after the full retirement age for Social Security. crs. Share. Funding fee waived for Home Loan Guaranty; Travel allowance (25 miles or more) for scheduled appointment for care of service-connected condition(s). With VA life insurance, get the peace of mind and financial security that come from knowing your family is protected, no matter what happens. Please read the information you find below then return here to click this link and read a recent VA Training Letter updating the subject. How much does a VA Individual Unemployability Attorney Cost? The VA individual unemployability attorneys at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no cost to the veteran unless we win retroactive benefits for you from VA, otherwise known as back pay. When priority groups were established in 1996, the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs was given the author- ity to decide which groups VA would serve each year. Vitamin A (IU) Rich Foods. data center, setting the stage for the records to be processed this summer in support of VA’s and Department of Defense’s (DoD) common electronic health record The Executive Budget Proposal for FY 2018 includes changes to VA Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits to fund the expansion of the Veterans Choice program. These are just terms to VA and they define them very loosely. The rules the adjudicator should follow from the M21-1MR are here. Veterans Programs at IU Southeast Am I Eligible? To review available benefit programs and determine whether or not you are eligible, visit www. 5 million Veterans to a Cerner Corp. Many veterans are also owed VA Individual Unemployability back pay for dependent children and parents. Veterans are often confused about Department of Veterans Affairs 100 percent disability ratings and whether or not they can work if rated at 100 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The material contained on this site is provided for informational purposes for the faculty, staff and students of Indiana University. The VA will require a follow-up exam at the end of the designated period in order to To apply for Individual Unemployability, submit VA Form 21-8940. DAV calls on VA Secretary to end stay on Blue Water Navy claims. Food Name: IU (in 100g food) 1 Spices, paprika The VA generally refers to a claim as a TDIU claim when two conditions are met: 1) a veteran has one service-connected disability with a 60% or more disability rating, or has two or more service-connected disabilities with a combined rating of 70% or more, and 2) there is medical evidence of unemployability. David Shulkin said that about 7,000 of those vets are over Any 100% rated veteran get's the same money and basic benefits. For that matter, the word total doesn't mean total when discussing a disability. Through a partnership with Google, Umail is a legacy email system available to former IU students and alumni who separated from IU prior to March 11, 2018. VA secretary promises in writing not to cut benefit program for disabled vets. The VA is required to send you advance notice of the need for a reexamination. However, this is far from the truth. Members choosing to use a VSO representative can partake in the VA's new Decision Ready Claim process. Used to be that the VA considered “free-standing” claims for VA TDIU – it was a discrete “type of claim” in and of itself. It is also pertinent to the story to know that he was  IU – focused on YOU. VA Life Insurance. for the end of the "Preparing for notification" phase. ENDMEMO. TDIU or Total Disability, Individual Unemployability ratings are in every way equal to "schedular" ratings of 100% Permanently & Totally disabled. I filed an appeal for IU and that is what the decision has been made on. So far they have requested and received records from SSDI twice, and yet again submitted another request. VFW reacts to IU removal from VA Benefits It can take two years to get your claim heard, but in the end, if you win your claim, your benefits are retroactive to VA Benefit Reductions After a veteran is awarded benefits, they may be under the impression that the hassle of dealing with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is over. It allows VA to pay certain Veterans compensation at the 100 percent rate, even though VA has not rated their service-connected disabilities at that level. Like other IU recipients I fear I will lose my IU when I still need it. Because of weak oversight of Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits some veterans get more compensation than warranted, and the VA is ineffective in moving seriously disabled veterans toward productive working lives, the Government Accountability Office has found. va to end iu

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