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In 1998 Porsche won Le Mans with the 911 GT1. This is the first time the GT3 road car and cup car has deviated so much. 2 L 206 kW (280 hp) engine. I would go for the 997. The Porsche Cayman is a rear mid-engined, rear wheel drive 2-seat sports car produced by Porsche AG of Germany. I've been reading about the different engines in various Porsches but I haven't been able to determine which one I have. Size Vs 245/295 718GT4 -And much MORE!!!🚀🚀🚀🥰 #gt4rsr #caymangt4 #718gt4 # Please note: PCA does not send text messages to members. For anyone reading an article about a flat-six who doesn’t know of this engineering legend, Mezger is synonymous with some of strongest and most capable motors to be found in Porsche road and race cars, having worked on the units in the 917, the 935, and of course, multiple 911s. The release of the 996 generation in 1999 brought about many firsts. Engine designer Hans Mezger brought new technology to the engine, surrounding the cast-iron cylinder liners with a finned jacket of aluminum to promote better heat transfer to cool the engine. Model year 2009 saw the first 9A1 engines in the 987. Mezger Enterprises, LTD (dba MezgerStone) is the largest limestone quarrier, full service supplier, and limestone fabricator in the Southwest. Mezger engines will not bolt up to a PDK trans, that's why the 997. Purchase from our selection of 911 Gt3 36l Mezger now. They'll always command a higher resale value -- particularly the GT3 RS 4. Mezger engines are over engineered, expensive and race proven. Overview; Manufacturer: Porsche: Also called: Porsche Boxster Porsche Cayman Porsche 718 Boxster Porsche 718 Cayman: Production: 1996–present: Model years I paid the yard in Ontario after we negotiated a price, and the engine arrived at my engine builder's shop a few weeks later. New GT3s are now outfitted with the 9A1 engine also but cup cars are still running with Mezger power plants. Main Differences from Predecessor M96 & M97 One of the main differences from the predecessors M96 & M97 is that the 9a1 engine has no IMS bearing or shaft. 8-litre 9A1 engine found in the 991. A small (but important) percentage of these cars are known to have issues with the intermediate shaft (IMS) bearing nearest the flywheel. 0 which is "the best of " "the last of" which the most magic words you can utter in the Porsche universe. 2 which is the best sports car. The engines are the new 9A1 direct injection motors. In 2009 all 997 were upgraded to the 997. 9 Aug 2017, 16:30 UTC · and the autoevolution® logo It powered not only the 930 Turbo road car, but also a string of legendary race cars, including the 934, 935, 956, 962 and GT1. The 991 GT3 will have some variation of the new direct injected engine. 5) 901/01 – 1964 Porsche 901. Yet to be seen whether the DFI 9A1 becomes the motorsport engine but seems likely. 2009 MY: 'Generation 2' Carreras introduced with all new Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) engines. The first two engines listed above were related through the M96-97 evolution. Wednesday 21st December 2011. la 991 9A1 GT3 /RS dopo 50+ anni è l ultima piattaforma 911 GT con motore aspirato e che quindi si chiude un'era storica per la 911 sappiamo che i regolamenti Motorsport hanno spinto Ferrari in testa alla 488 Turbo e che Porsche userà solo fino al 2018 le attuali 9A1 GT3 9A1 per il motorsport La 992 sarà annunciata nel 2019 The GT3 RS’s engine credentials are mighty, but its Miami blue brother takes things further still – to the tune of 700 maximum horsepower and a ludicrous 750Nm peak twist. Out With The Old, In With The New Problems. 1 (and 9x7. 00 We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. 2 9A2 engine vs 9A1 technical analysis - Enough By definition, and with the departure of non-DI mezger engines from few years  Sep 15, 2015 The GT3 made the transition from the legendary Mezger engine to a 3. 2 Turbo, GT3 variants have a Mezger engine. com and affiliated sites. They respond very well to a tune and exhaust, and will make 560-570 hp and well over 600 ft/lbs at the wheels on pure 93. Porsche M6460s Complete Engine From 1998 993 Turbo S. Porche is now using this new engine in the Turbo. 0 and 997. Mar 27, 2018 It really feels as though everything Porsche produced since is compared to the Mezger flat-sixes. Had about 100 hours on it. Best of luck. 6 Mezger produced 480 hp, came in all-wheel drive and was offered in 6-speed manual and Tiptronic automatic. Glorious thing is the race proven Mezger GT1 block with true dry sump oiling. The benefits of additives come from the ways in which they interact with the engine. In the future, while Porsche and all cars will be turbo-charging, improving gas emissions, and electric steering, you can still own an old-school 997. Mezger engines have never been direct fuel injected. 0T Progressiv at $44850 for sale in Newmarket at Pfaff Audi Newmarket. BGB ran the 24 Hours of Daytona on one and then the next few races before they timed it out, before it blew. There are no carry-over parts with the new engine. Y os pongo un ejemplo claro, el del archiconocido bloque Mezger de Porsche. 6-litre engine with max 345bhp and S has 3. Rear-mounted roll The base engine is a 2. Mezger, perhaps best known for his work with turbocharged engines, had been associated with the company for decades by the time he did his best known work. $60,000. From the early journo tests, the new GT3 motor is getting rave reviews and the early criticism of moving away from the Mezger seems to be dieing down. 2 turbo. The 9A1 engine has proven to be very reliable, no coolant pipe issues or spun camshaft issues etc. 00 Porsche M6460s Complete Engine From 1998 993 Turbo S. This may seem an irrelevant way to start a story about the GT3, but it reveals just how close the link is between road and race at Porsche and also The Porsche 997 started arriving at the end of 2004 and was met by pretty much universal applause. Most pro teams racing these engines go through 2-3 a year. But you might not want any of those. Though they exist in the same engine family, the 996 heads are not interchangeable with the 987 heads. These “Mezger” engines are renowned for their exceptional robustness, but they by the use of higher boost pressures, aftermarket components, or driver error. $62,819. Though the new engines are looking good we still don't know 100% what the long term reliability will be. jpg 997. vehicle engine type my engine-numbers technical data 911 carrera m96. Mezger engine ftw. A 993 owner just hit 300K miles without opening the engine up. The following is a list of engines used in Porsche automobiles: This list is incomplete; you can 1939 1100 cc 40 PS (29 kW; 39 bhp) or 50 PS (37 kW; 49 bhp) air-cooled boxer flat-four Hans Mezger · Karl Rabe · Franz Xaver Reimspiess · Adolf Rosenberger · Norbert Singer · Alvin Springer; Hans von Veyder-Malberg. This family of engines defined Porsche . In April 2009, Gen 2 GT3 with 435bhp (Mezger) engine. Air-cooled or water-cooled? 6) 9A1 – Porsche 991 Turbo Born out of the Porsche 911 GT1 engine, the legendary Mezger powerplant is possibly the most   Nov 18, 2014 First off, the 'Mezger engine' moniker is a bit of a misnomer as legendary engine builder, Hans Mezger has been designing Porsche  Sep 12, 2015 991 - 991. The 996 Turbo was befitted with the legendary Mezger engine block that powered the 24 Hours of LeMans winning GT1 car. 4 DFI 9A1 981 Boxster S/Cayman S. The 9A1 is an evolution of the m96/m97, it is not in any way related to the original mezger design. Mezger's hands were in everything from the 1960's Porsche Formula 1 racers to the 911 GT1. As I mentioned, the engine of 997. First off, the ‘Mezger engine’ moniker is a bit of a misnomer as legendary engine builder, Hans Mezger has been designing Porsche powerplants since the Sixties. It's hard to wrap my head around 9A1 engine issues when I rarely read about problems with 09 and later cars on any of the forums. com But the tuning world is not satisfied with stock power levels and herein comes the big mystery of tuning the 9A1. 0 and Gearbox that we exspect looking at performance I am always more convincted about My 981RSR MA176G + PDK SWAP. Currently 9A1 tuning is in its infancy compared to the Mezger engine, which went largely unchanged since the 1994 Turbo 3. 1. Not much to see here (unfortunately) but since launching in Gen2 Porsche 997s, the Direct Fuel Injection engine (now in 9A1 guise) of the 991 Turbo is a particular standout thanks to its otherworldly power and almost instant delivery. 121 months. com and compare the two. Actually, most of the people think that the Porsche 997. For 2007 the base Boxster received a revised engine featuring VarioCam Plus to provide a 5 hp (3. 1 Porsche Offers 120,000-mile/10-Year Warranty for Exploding 991. It’s 54bhp shy of the 997 and 94bhp off the 991’s power, and The benefits of additives come from the ways in which they interact with the engine. 8-litre with 385bhp. Watch Queue Queue 6) 9A1 – Porsche 991 Turbo. I worked for PCNA when Toyota was hired to help them LEAN up their manufacturing and one of the areas Toyota thought Porsche was crazy for, was the Mezger engine. No need to mess with customs or shipping, their network did it all. So there you have the formula – you want to find a Turbo with the Mezger engine and mated with a 6-speed transmission. Welcome to Engine and Transmission World! With economy being good or bad we have to save money where we can, and you can save hundreds and possibly even thousands of dollars by getting used engines or used transmissions to repair your car, truck, Van, SUV or whatever gets you around. 1 6MT is where it's at. but not exactly the right 4. 01 1998 w 66w 00501>60000 6zyl/3,4l /220 kw /300 hp 911 carrera m96. M97 is the new 9x7. The Mezger engine is the "classic" 911 split-case, dry-sump engine and ours are based on the GT1 race car of the late 1990's. L’histoire; L’Entreprise; Les Hommes; Le Musée; Les vidéos; Christophorus; Sur route. Gone was the now-legendary Mezger engine, replaced by high-revving version of the Carrera’s 9A1 engine while the manual gearbox was replaced with a PDK shifter (the performance of which was improved considerably to match the GT3’s race car credentials). 4l engines. 1 vs 997. staticflickr. Porsche M97 engine. I did a search on this, didn't see an official one. 02 1999 x 68x 00501>60000 6zyl/3,4l /220 kw /300 hp 911 carrera 2/4 m96. Career. It is smooth, pulls to 7500 rpm keenly, and feels like it’s making more than its rated 255 hp. I found this to be an interesting read: Your answer to you question will be found by you discovering the answer yourself by click on this LINK: Metzger engine. The original Porsche flat six. I think that says it all. It really feels as though everything Porsche produced since is These engines have proven themselves as durable as prior Mezger engines for track use with proper maintenance, enough so that Porsche replaced the Mezger engine in the Turbo and GT models with the 9A1 engine. However, in the 911 world, the term has recently become synonymous with the engine fitted to GT3s (up until the introduction of the 991 The description I've seen says it is dry sump too, but haven't seen details on that yet. Don’t know about the Mezger block? Then read about it here. -110Hp More than 718GT4 -1000Rpm More than 718GT4 -130Kg Less/More Aero than 718GT4 -7PDK Vs 6Manual 718GT4 -265/305 W. Which Porsches had the Metzger engine? Reply Hi, was the mezger engine used in the 997 gt3 gen 2 as well?? Greg66. - Page 1 - Porsche General - PistonHeads Happy 1st day of winter. The 9A1 has not been used in any Porsche motorsport application until very recently. In the 9A1, the injector comes from the side, whereas the new position allows us to have more security for the future in light of the EU ‘6 ABOVE Mezger engine delivered an identical 381hp to GT3 on paper, though the RS used titanium con rods LEFT 996 GT3 RS came in white with either red wheels and decals, or blue. 9 may be the only 9A1 flat six without direct fuel injection and the only one making less than 300 horses, but it’s a peach. Charles Navarro LN Engineering LLC The 3. I've heard it's also stronger but I can't substantiate that and I guess it may not matter since you won't be modifying it heavily. Please post pictures of 997 911's. It was maybe kind of backwards, I think the engine actually physically went from California to Ontario, the finally to me in Alberta. 2009 2016 3. The 997. Enthusiasts sighed in dismay as the 997. Plus most had the 6-speed manual transmission while in 2010 model years and up the 997 Turbo came with the new 9A1 turbo engine, and many came with the popular PDK transmission (which wasn’t available in the 997. 1 GT3s are known to have a well documented finger follower wear issue which if not dealt with leads to catastrophic engine failure. 4-liter S engines gained Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) and outputs climbed modestly to 310 hp in the Boxster S and 320 hp in the Cayman S, once again separating the Your answer to you question will be found by you discovering the answer yourself by click on this LINK: Metzger engine. 2. 0 RS will be substantial. This engine also had a decent power increase, taking the horsepower rating to about 355 BHP. The 9A1 motor is an evolution of the M96 which first … Continue reading → 2008 MY: In September 2007 the Turbo Cabriolet is introduced with the GT2 (530bhp, Mezger) following in November. They’re much faster with much less mods but that’s also attributed to the PDK. First launched in the 2006 model year, the Cayman is a coupé derived from Porsche's second and third generation Boxster roadster. I'm just gun shy of DI from the 335i. Just like there are other versions of the Mezger (such as in the 996 turbo). Well the 991 GT3's engine is based on the 9A1 engine used in the regular series 911s now, unlike the Mezger engine from the previous generation, and I believe (but am not certain) that GT3s are assembled on the same line as other 911s, just as M3s are made on the same line as the regular series cars. Charles Navarro LN Engineering LLC 1999-2000 - Porsche 911 GT3 (Type 996 mk I) So fortunately for the 996 GT3 mk I, it was the an early recipient of this marvellous engine. These engines have proven themselves as durable as prior Mezger engines for track use with proper maintenance, enough so that Porsche replaced the Mezger engine in the Turbo and GT models with the 9A1 engine. Engine oil lubricates engine parts to prevent excess friction, and keeping these parts coated in oil prevents things like the oxidation process from corroding an engine. com/7117/7698786230_e076815fab_b. , 9/2008, Deutsch) Porsche 908 & Porsche 917 (Prototype parade № 304) Главная Used 2019 Audi Q3 2. 04 2000 y 66y 00501>60000 6zyl/3,4l /220 kw /300 hp 911 Hans Mezger (born 18 November 1929 in Besigheim, Baden-Württemberg) is a German automotive engineer well known for his work at Porsche. 2 Turbo became the first car outside the Boxster / Carrera to move to the new “integrated dry sump” engine, coded the 9A1. 1 Turbo. When it was first introduced it was a puzzle as to what this GT3 really stood for as it did not go through any lightening and chassis rewelding like the previous 964 RS and 993 RS cars. 2 Turbo came with a new engine derived from the 9A1 engine in all other 997. The 2. This particular 1968 911S was owned first by Porsche itself, and then from 1969-1973 by Porsche engine master Hans Mezger. Take a look at fastestlaps. But still I think the mezger is much more desirable. Mar 27, 2017 The timing chains on 9a1 engine are located on the front of engine for only be checked using Porsche Scan Tool (PIWIS or equivalent tool). The GT3 RS in subsequent model years—991 series—would mandate a PDK transmission exclusively and phase out the Mezger engine for a new replacement block, one internally referred to as the 9A1. Oil additives are used to reduce friction and engine wear, which is a function of oil itself. JF Dumolin had the engine pop on the 2nd lap of practice. Beginning in 1999 with the 996 911, Porsche introduced the first of 3 generations of modern flat 6 3. 9A1 (DFI) based 991. 7 kW) boost (245 hp (183 kW) the same as the Cayman). 01 1999 x 66x 00501>60000 6zyl/3,4l /220 kw /300 hp 911 carrera +m620 c4 m96. Above: 9A1 engine from a 2009 Boxster S or Cayman S. Hans Mezger is 88 years old, and his career designing engines spans decades. . What are you all thinking about this new engine My16Single Turbo Tdv6 (European Market) or Td6 (American Market)? The twin turbo is exceptional. 5 kW) increase over the engine in the Boxster S and the same engine used in the related Cayman S, with manual transmission as standard and Porsche's PDK dual-clutch gearbox as an option. Precisamente en el mundo de la competición Porsche ha utilizado arquitecturas open deck, menos pesadas y más fáciles de "tocar". MUCH more reliable and less expensive to maintain than the older Mezger, but a bit less character as well. Performance and handling were also better, with many reviewers claiming Porsche had finally managed to eliminate the The 997 GT3 is the last of the manual GT3s and the last of the Mezger engine block GT3s. The Cayman coupe is derived from the 987. PORSCHE 9A1 ENGINE This article is intended to provide a brief, technical description of the Porsche 9a1 engine. 8 biturbo de Porsche –136 vs 107–, que sigue siendo el único propulsor de gasolina con turbos El asunto open deck vs Closed deck no es que sea tan claro como se expresa aquí. Les modèles. Its design is robust and advanced. 356 [1948 à 1965] 356 Gmünd [1948 à 1950] Torino | Italy Torino | Italy Dotado de dos turbos, en los Engine of the Year Awards este motor ha aventajado en 29 puntos al 3. Watch Queue Queue. I purchased the subject turbo in early 2011. 1 was not offered PDK. Again this is the rumor I heard from Porsche people. It's updated looks harkened back to the much-loved 993, but with a modern twist. Originally Posted by mkraft3003 View Post Why don't we do this the east way. 997. Maserati MC12 Corsa (Sport auto mag. 2s are great cars. Here are the specs: - New 9A1 based DFI engine another unproven part unlike old Mezger. The 3. This may prove to be unfounded fear like the RWS, but until Porsche race one at Nurburgring 24hours or put it in their Cup/RSR race cars, I remain unconvinced. 2 cars. 8,839 posts. 99 For Lamborghini Murcielago Lp640-4 Carbon Fiberresin Complete Bodykits. 2 but for the Turbo it kept the Mezger engine for 1 more year. THE BAD: • All M96 and M97 engines have an intermediate shaft, supported by bearings on both ends. 2 Turbo S. engine developed 160 horsepower at 7,200 rpm out of its 1,991cc displacement. The 2009-2012 987 is often referred to as 987 Gen II or 987. 0T Technik plus at $37888 for sale in Newmarket at Pfaff Audi Newmarket. There are several examples of Mezger turbo engines going strong to 500-600k miles lol which is a crazy feat for a performance motor. They didn't use the newer 9A1 derived Turbo motor ( DFI) they went back to the Mezger GT1 engine for that carhmmm, must be because it's Awesome. The GT2 RS achieves this via alternative means to the atmospheric GT3, bolting bigger turbochargers to the 3. I really love the car. Sure there are other versions of it but this specific engine is only in the 997. 8-litre to estimate when or if a naturally aspirated version of the 9A2 would be and 9A1 Turbo had closed because of the former's new engine, which  Mar 12, 2015 The 9A1 engine mated to the new PDK transmission improved the the Porsche 997. 2 Turbo and Porsche GT3 kept the Mezger engine. The new chassis was larger than the outgoing 993 and the interior design was completely new. The M97 engine would be the power plant for the Carrera S up until 2009 when Porsche came out with the 9A1 which would be the new direct injection engine to power the Carreras. I'm sure a few engines have issues but the percentages must be miniscule. The "fix" may not be required, but you're playing with house money until you do. The drivetrain saw the greatest overhaul however. 1 such as LED exterior lights, Direct Fuel Injection, PDK transmission, a new design of the engine, more Hp, and upgraded Telemetrics (Bluetooth). My understanding is that this is the last itteration of the Mezger engine. The price tag on this new 4. Figure 3. 1 models). 2 – 9A1 came from the 997. They showed up at Indy with a brand new crate engine in their Carrera. New 718 GT4 Seems so Cool. This is a lovely engine, one hard to fault but for this: Like other 9A1 engines, it’s almost too refined. Carrera has 3. 2 carry over block) engine range - ie Boxster/Cayman/911 MA1 is the new 9x7. 2 are 2 great options if you are interested in a semi-new Porsche 911. 2 owns many outstanding features because it is improved from the Porsche 997. It's a stout race-proven design that can reliably support tremendous power output and sustained revs. The "Mezger" engines in the 2009 and earlier 997 Turbo produced about 480 horsepower and aside from a few potential coolant leak issues this is a largely faultless engine. This video is unavailable. In the 1950s Mezger worked on the Porsche Formula 1 program. Shame on me for linking to a different board, but here is a thread you might like: Mezger vs Newer - 6speedonline. We showcase a very large catalog of listings available for shipping today. His engines remained in 911s through the 997 GT3 4. 5 days ago. http://farm8. Strange thing is the 991 Cup still gets Mezger till at least 2014! So what pisses the loyalist/pursuit off essentially is the lack of pedigree in the new street GT3 drivetrain. Used 2016 Audi S5 3. What's more, these cars The 997 GT3 is the last of the manual GT3s and the last of the Mezger engine block GT3s. Besides, when it comes to 997. The 9A1 has not proven its self in Motorsport yet, I can level with that sentiment but what an exciting but most importantly 'usable' car the new 991 GT3 looks to be! It is powered by a six-cylinder boxer engine with 320 horsepower (239 kW; 324 PS) and 273 lb⋅ft (370 N⋅m) of torque, a 10 hp (7. The same cannot be said for the 996-generation GT3, which also has a Mezger engine, albeit a fifth of a litre shorter in stature. We have been providing architects, landscape architects, masons, builders and designers with stone solutions in custom cut limestone, slabs and quarry block since 1978. In 2010 the 997. You’ll want to read this before buying a Porsche 911 of the 996 generation and here’s why. 6, thus allowing tuners to really develop the power and reliability. If you receive a text message saying it is from Porsche Club of America or PCA Admin, do not respond as it may be a scam. We all know those with problems tend to vocalize the problems and I'm just not seeing it. 1 911 GT3 Engines 2 This 1975 911 Engine Made With Williams, Mezger. 2 and 9x1 engine range - ie Boxster/Cayman/911 Technically it is a misuse of the M96/M97 preface to use it to describe the non-Mezger (as it also describes the Mezgers!) Mezger, Porsche 996, Porsche 997 Porsche 980 Carrera GT R vs. The Range Rover ATB engines Tdv6 Single Turbo x Twin turbo News; Porsche. 7 L 176 kW (240 hp) flat-6, with the Boxster S getting a 3. Mezger graduated from the Stuttgart Technical University in 1956 with a Diploma of Engineering degree, and went straight to work at Porsche's Works 1 development department. It came with the mezger engine which to me makes it much more desirable. The 997. mezger engine vs 9a1

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